HUVR Obtains FAA 333 Exemption to Fly Drones for Industrial Inspections and Precision Agriculture

HUVR among the first companies in the US to be granted FAA approval for commercial drone flying

Austin, TX, April 2, 2015 – HUVRData, LLC, the drone-based data analytics company, today received it’s official FAA 333 Exemption allowing the company to operate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to conduct industrial inspections in all of it’s target markets.   The FAA’s notification from Mr. John S. Duncan, FAA Director of Flight Standards and Services read that HUVR is now allowed “…to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct aerial imaging for 1) wind farm survey; 2) solar farm survey; 3) inspection of industrial infrastructure including electrical towers, flare stack and pipelines; and 4) precision agriculture.”


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“We are extremely excited to be among the first companies in the United States to be granted the ability to legally fly drones (UAS) for the purposes of commercial inspections” said Ben Williams, HUVR Co-Founder.   “This was a complicated process since the rules have been forming and evolving during the time we applied for this ruling. We emphasized HUVR’s stringent safety and training procedures as the cornerstones of how HUVR operates during our application process to the FAA.   We believe those operating principles helped the FAA conclude that HUVR qualified to meet their exemption request requirements.”

HUVR delivers valuable data analytics using drone based inspections and cloud based services. This exemption will allow HUVR to begin to fully engage customers in the wind industry, oil and gas, solar and precision agriculture.

In conclusion, Ben Williams stated, “We intend HUVR to be the poster child for how safe, legal commercial drones (UAS) should be used and integrated into the US Airspace. Our customers demand it and so does the FAA. We have and will continue to partner closely with the FAA to ensure we exceed the regulations and we hope to be an example for all to follow”.

About HURVData, LLC:

Privately held and established in 2014, Austin-based HUVR is a drone-based data analytics company. One of the first to receive FAA authorization for its industrial drone applications, HUVR focuses on providing critical data intelligence to businesses in industries including wind, solar, oil and gas and industrial agriculture.  For more, visit

HUVR: (Pronounced ‘Hover’) as in to ‘hover’ collecting data.

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