Python/Fullstack Developer

HUVRdata is looking for an experienced python/full stack developer to join our team. HUVR is expanding its data and analytics platform for drone based inspections. Our customer use drones to get a new view of the world. We provide them the tools and processing to get a new view of their data.

The ideal person has several successful projects that they’ve worked on before and has the right attitude to solve problems they’ve never seen before.

Our development team works with a very high level of autonomy. We trust each other to make the right decisions and help each other when needed.

We use Python and Google App Engine. If you haven’t ever touched Google App Engine, don’t worry, it’s just a WSGI web server.

We use Node.js, NoSQL, mapreduce, and imagemagick, ffmpeg for image processing. Familiarity with these would be a plus.

If you are excited about what we are doing, send a resume and an introduction with an example of your work. Make sure it is something you’re proud of (github, blog, Olympic medal, etc).

Interested? Contact Us.