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Construction at Reading Wind Energy plant now laying groundwork for tower erections later this year

By July 30, 2019 No Comments

Work continues at the Reading Wind Facility in eastern Lyon and western Osage counties.

The pre-construction phase, which included roads, a temporary office and other buildings, is now shifting to building the foundations for the over 60 turbine towers that will go up between this fall and next spring. Mobilization started in late April, and Lyon County Commission Chair Rollie Martin is impressed with the early progress, and on KVOE’s Morning Show this week he said all precautions have been taken to benefit the citizens of Lyon County.

Last October, Southern acquired the 200-megawatt, 24,000-acre project from RES Americas, which gained approval from Lyon County after roughly a decade of discussions, negotiations and research. Royal Caribbean joined the partnership as a link in a verified carbon offset program. Ultimately, the wind farm will create enough wind energy to offset as much as 12 percent of Royal Caribbean’s yearly carbon emissions starting as soon as next year.

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