How HUVR Helps Corrosion Control

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Posted on April 25

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Painting a structure was once more of an art than a science; it delayed corrosion, but was largely cosmetic. It is also a costly and repetitive art: the Eiffel Tower must be repainted every 7-years, taking 3-years to complete and 60-tons of paint–and that is just one asset. Multiplied out across every asset in existence, and you’re talking about more than a single trip to your local paint store. As such, an industry has developed, not just specific to the paint itself, but encompassing the surface preparation, the primer, the thickness of paint applied and the drying times of each. Painting assets is no longer art, it is the science of coating technologies, and HUVR can help you realize the full value of your coatings at every stage of the process.


Download the use case and find out how:

  • HUVR digitizes the inspection workflows, ensuring procedural adherence
  • HUVR makes a complex practice efficient at scale
  • HUVR generates reports to ensure all

Download the use case>>

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