HUVR Infrastructure and Security Review

Almost all of data security happens virtually, except at the most core levels. While once upon a time getting access to a trove of records involved climbing a drainpipe or shimmying down a rope, these days it’s a battle fought in cyberspace—putting the “cyber” in cybersecurity.


No doubt you’ve received numerous lectures from IT professionals about the importance of backing up your information, not putting strange thumb drives into a network PC and not clicking links or opening attachments from questionable sources. Pretty standard fare. But what about the points where you are not in control of the data? For instance, when it’s in transit electronically? What about backups of systems beyond your hard drive? What about the cloud?

All fair questions. When you use the HUVR platform, you can feel good that your data is protected, both in case of a failure event like accidental data loss or internal problems—and from bad actors who want to steal your information.