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Granville Harbour Wind Farm pours first foundations

By August 16, 2019 No Comments

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It took 13 hours for the first concrete foundation to be poured at the Granville Harbour Wind Farm on Wednesday. Project director Lyndon Frearson said 680 cubic metres of concrete was poured, a mammoth effort that will be repeated for each of the 31 wind turbines. “It’s a major milestone for the project,” he said. More than 100 truck loads of concrete are needed to fill each foundation, which measure 20 metres in diameter. Things are starting to take shape at the site, with 90 per cent of transmission line poles installed, the switchyard built and delivery of an 85-tonne transformer to ‘step up’ the energy to be fed back into the grid. Meanwhile, 392 wind turbine components are waiting in Burnie to be transported to the West Coast. Mr Frearson said the parts had been stored in Burnie for longer than expected because inclement weather. READ MORE: Granville Harbour Wind Farm workers trigger mini-accommodation boom Each Vestas wind turbine consists of six pieces of tube for the tower, a cell, gear box, tranformers, hub and three blades. Each tower will measure 137 metres tall, a conscious decision to protect local wildlife. “The turbines we’re using are larger than originally planned for site,” Mr Frearson said. “The hub sits higher off the ground. It means that lowest tip of blades is above the height of the trees…birds looking in the trees for food are less likely to have any conflict with the wind farm.” He said environmental concerns have been a big focus for the project team. READ MORE: Granville Harbour Wind Farm set to roll as Clean Energy Finance Corporation commits $59 million To prevent roadkill, the project vehicles are limited to driving at 60 kilometres per hour from dawn to dusk. Specialists are closely monitoring erosion and impacts on receiving waters, considering the farm is on a hill with creeks leading to the ocean. The farm, owned by Royce Smith’s family for three generations, also has an organic certification which requires particular weed management techniques. The expert in remote and regional infrastructure said the Granville Harbour Wind Farm wouldn’t be the largest project he’s worked on but it would be one of the most memorable. READ MORE: Granville Harbour Wind Farm turbine blades arrive in Port of Burnie “It’s one of these projects in years to come people will talk about the Granville Harbour Wind Farm as if they were there. “It’s rugged and exposed, and working in that environment is challenging on man and machine.” Members of the public will have the chance to get up close to the wind turbines at an open day on Saturday August 24, 10am to 2pm. Project leaders will be on hand to explain how all the parts will be getting to the West Coast in mid-September. Entry to the site is at 2-10 Massy-Greene Drive. While you’re with us, did you know that you can now sign up to receive breaking news updates and daily headlines direct to your inbox? Sign up here.

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