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HUVR is passionate about data aggregation. Wherever a customer’s data comes from, we believe it should be stored in a single place and managed by a single solution. We are taking that idea a step further and partnering with inspection tool and software analytic companies who are committed to driving digital transformation. We started the HUVR Partner Network (HPN) to work together to make this happen.


Why the HUVR
Partner Network?

Ultimately, our goal with the HPN is to provide a seamlessly integrated, vertically diverse solution ecosystem. Partnership will benefit your operation by increasing your sales and marketing support, which will supercharge your go-to-market strategy. It will also give everyone involved a powerful framework for co-selling: since our products will be integrated out of the box, our value to customers will be exponentially higher. Implementation will be much simpler for customers, shortening their time-to-profit providing greater utility and ease-of-use. In the long term customers will be avoiding data silos before they are created, and will begin to mitigate those already in existence.

Partner With Us

Because each customer needs different combinations of data, we envision data, tool, and service providers working together. This will increase your brand’s footprint and connect it to a trusted data management platform. We invite you to partner with HUVR to be an integral part of delivering this value.

Matt Alberts

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Matt has 15 years of experience facilitating digital transformation in heavy manufacturing, most recently at Georgia Pacific, where he led IIoT and analytics initiatives across the company. Prior to that he managed mechanical integrity and inspection groups at various petrochem facilities

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