Leading Edge Erosion

Are you losing millions to Leading Edge Erosion (LEE)?

LEE is the largest and most severe category of blade defect. Despite data pointing to high incidence numbers, blades are not repaired frequently enough.

Energy loss from LEE has become increasingly important as modern wind turbines operate at higher tip speeds. Initial damage can occur within a few years, and grow as fast as one damage category per year. This can result in revenue loss of tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Now imagine that exact scenario across your entire fleet.

The delay in repairing LEE can cost millions in lost production revenue across your entire fleet.

View the Leading Edge Erosion Calculator to see how much you are losing

HUVR's Solution

Leading Edge Erosion Analytics and Diagnostics

Quantify your current and future AEP loss based on your inspected LE damage
Estimate your fleetwide Repair Budget across your fleet and compare to the potential AEP loss
Identify the top 25% WTGs by site that should receive leading edge damage repair
Estimate your AEP Gain if LE repairs and/or leading edge protection is installed

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