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Case Study

Renewables HSE

Renewables HSE

A renewables company saved $935K in one year by implementing HUVR’s software for safety inspections & reporting.

Our renewables customer is the third-largest renewable energy company in Europe.

In 2018, the renewables company continued to diversify its portfolio both geographically and technologically as they merged with a smaller climate and renewables company. This merger created an energy portfolio that stands at more than 9GW, making it one of the world’s largest operators of renewables. They are the second-largest offshore wind operator worldwide.

In addition, to their widespread portfolio in the EU, our renewables customer has extensive operations across the United States totaling 3GW.

Our renewables customer was looking for a more efficient process for monitoring and reporting safety inspections and observations. HUVR’s software was able to provide a single database to document, sort, analyze, and produce reports to meet their needs.


Collecting and consolidating data from sites for safety and compliance reporting was a difficult and time-consuming process for our customer’s team.

Health Safety Environment (HSE) personnel were required to retain records of all their technician HSE inspections, including safety devices, PPE, office, and vehicle inspections. For a company the size of our renewable customer, this generated a massive amount of paperwork.

In addition to the important task of collecting and storing the data, our customer needed an efficient way to consolidate and analyze the data from all their sites. Furthermore, the data on safety observations and incidents had to be presented to upper management on a monthly basis.

Obtaining and processing the data was a manual, labor-intensive process for the headquarters personnel. Due to a lack of digital tools, the field personnel was who ultimately created these reports were required to take manual notes on paper and transpose them when they returned to the office. This created reporting delays and added the potential of errors and misreporting. Our customer desperately needed to automate the reporting of this data.


HUVR was selected to solve this HSE reporting problem.

HUVR already had a proven track record with our customer’s subsidiary utilizing HUVR’s asset inspection SaaS platform. That trust and opportunity to lean into a software partner who could be a single source for digitizing all of their inspections workflows from HSE, to turbines, to substations were key drivers in the decision making process.

Two Sources of immediate efficiency gains

  1. The field technicians were able to complete HSE forms while in the field, even in communication-denied locations. This capability saved the field technicians a significant amount of time and eliminated transcription errors.
  2. An additional efficiency gain was realized at the headquarters level. The HSE personnel is now able to get a real-time snapshot of the submitted forms at any desired time, without manually consolidating inputs from all their sites. This saves about 80 man-hours every month.

In addition to the cost savings due to the now much more efficient processes mentioned above, our customer saw an 18% increase in the number of observations created.

The streamlined submission process encouraged more field techs to record their observations which in turn lead to safer sites.

Better workflows and actionable insights

The daily work of the individual technicians has been changed for the better. Instead of transcribing manual paper-based field notes, a technician now enters the data of their tablet or mobile phone while on-location and simply syncs their mobile device when they return to the office. The manual data entry at the office has been eliminated. The technicians can also take a photo of any safety-related condition and attach it to the observation, right on the spot, from their mobile device.

“HUVR allows me to submit visual observations and accompanying notes while I’m on-site, even if I’m up-tower. This allows me to more thoroughly document problems in real-time.”

Customer Technician

Many safety observations require a supervisor to follow-up. On the old system, this was a manual process, taking time to process. On the HUVR system, the supervisor notification is immediate and automated. Safety issues are found, documented, and corrected much faster.

“I save about 50% of my time a month with the HUVR system. My documentation process and reporting is significantly faster, but most importantly it provides more actionable data for my team to use.”

HSE Lead

Safety Compliance Reporting has never been easier as the HUVR software allows our renewable customer team to easily produce reports about specific sites, asset inspection types and repair processes.

Data driving a safer workplace

Our renewable customer has realized nearly one million dollars a year in direct efficiency gains from this solution. While the efficiency gains and ROI that our customer received from the HUVR platform are significant, the ability to use the data from the field to make data-driven decisions to keep their teammates safe is far more valuable.

Streamlined workflows and simple-to-use field tools have encouraged field teams to log 18% more observations and in doing so, have given our customer a more complete understanding of their current safety challenges.

They are now able to craft a safety program around the real-time data being recorded. They can easily launch campaigns about specific safety concerns and easily compare before and after analytics to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of safety campaigns in achieving a safer workspace.

Want to learn more?

Our renewable customer is not done investing in their safety culture. They are looking to expand upon the success they have seen thus far by continuing to digitize their safety and asset inspection workflows on the HUVR platform. With HUVR providing real-time efficiencies in capturing on-site observations, producing actionable insights and analytics, and creating proficiency reports, our customer will continue to realize savings due to massive efficiency gains and continue to establish themselves as one of the safest energy operations in the world.

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