Utility infrastructure inspections are ideal for the integration of digital tools allowing asset managers to define the health of the assets and to visualize the overall health of the grid.


Benefits of using
Asset Management

HUVR’s asset management solutions allow utility operators to understand fleet wide health, site wide production issues and asset specific problem areas. Our sophisticated analytics allow asset owners to ensure they maximize production output and asset life. With the integration of digital visual tools like drones, borescopes and thermal cameras, HUVR’s solution allows auto-upload capabilities, inspection categorization tools and powerful analytics to seamlessly view and integrate these new IOT tools.

Use Case

Drone Image Inspection Support

Ingest thousands of images over hundreds of miles of electrical line inspection data. Categorize it and view it to deploy repair crews easily and effectively.

Integrate Checklists Data

Provide your line crews with access to the issue needing repair as well as a digital way to upload issues, problems or fixes. Ensure all checklist inspection data is merged with the visual drone data for comprehensive asset visualization and management.

Powerful Reports With Actionable Data

HUVR’s powerful reporting tool can provide each constituent the right information. Management can have the high level summaries while on-site crews have the punch list of repairs scheduled for that moment.

Enhance ESG Sustainability

Do you struggle to collect, maintain and calculate your corporate (annual) sustainability report? Are you spending hours of valuable and limited resources merging data sets, collecting inspection and status reports across your organization? HUVR enables you to efficiently streamline the data entry process and scale it across your organization. HUVR’s technology enables huge cost savings via efficient data aggregation and analytics to assist you with your annual ESG Sustainability reporting process. We also integrate natively to your existing systems to ensure we either extract other data sources that need to be combined, or allow you to elect to push critical data into other corporate governance tracking systems. Start saving now and most importantly start projecting a better and more accurate Sustainability Report.

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