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TECSIS Announces Replacement Blades for Old and New Wind Turbine Models

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HOUSTON, Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tecsis continues its commitment to develop affordable blade solutions for the wind market with the introduction of Replacement Blades. Replacement Blades will be used as spare, life-extension, and repowering of old and new wind turbines models operating in the United States. They will allow the wind farm owners to have a cost-effective option to keep their wind farms operating.

TECSIS Announces Replacement Blades for Old and New Wind Turbine Models

“Most of the wind asset owners suffer from the lack of wind blades as their turbines are aging. In most cases, the turbine components still have a service life but the blades are not able to operate. Tecsis Replacement Blades solution aims to solve this big industry problem,” says Tecsis CEO, Fabiano Mori.

Tecsis offers replacement blades with a new modern design to fit most of the wind turbines, such as:
     Zond Z50; 
     MHI MWT 600, MWT 1.0 and MWT-92/95;
     Vestas V47, V80 and V82;
     GE70.5, GE77, GE82.5, GE100 and GE103.
     Alstom ECO86, ECO100 and ECO110
     And other machine models from Impsa, Suzlon, Clipper, GW, Siemens, etc

TECSIS has more than 51,000 blades installed worldwide and almost 25 years of blade technology expertise. The company has repositioned itself through its OPTIMA Program as a solution provider and not simply a blade manufacturer, delivering a complete and affordable turnkey solution for repowering and life extension projects for wind farms, extending the operation life and improving the performance of customers’ assets. More information about TECSIS is available at

For additional information, contact:
Bruno Bellote, Business Development Manager, +55 15 9 9778 5837, or, Carlos Vasconcelos, Business Development Manager, +55 15 9 9785 9837,

Media contact:
Ben Müller
(713) 806-1683


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