Inspection Companies

Optimized Inpsection

HUVR offers an inspection solution that provides tools that optimize the workflows used in traditional field inspection operations. By optimizing your custom workflows, HUVR creates a consistent, sleek and effective way to track and facilitate your inspection activities.

Flexible Core Technology

The system uses a flexible core technology with advanced logic and workflow functionality to streamline data-driven processes. Comprehensive custom reporting capabilities and data analytics enable analysis, which is very valuable to your clients.


HUVR allows you to focus on your specialty, inspection of your client’s assets, without taking on the burden of developing a class-leading reporting and analytics software suite. Our software is available for technicians, using iOS, Android OS, or windows. Engineers and management have access through the HUVR online data portal. Our software is white-boxed, so your clients see only your name.

Key Features

Focus your efforts on your core business (Inspections) and keeping your clients happy, not on IT and development.

Efficient and easy tools for you technicians to use in the field.

One consistent application across all clients.

One consistent application across all inspection tools.

Custom analytics available for your clients.

Custom reports with your logo/branding.

You choose what your client has access to.

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