About Us

Helping asset owners maximize ROI

HUVR was founded to help asset owners maximize ROI through comprehensive digital maintenance and inspection flows. Our vision started by providing simple tools that allow technicians to ingest their inspection data via easy and simple to use mobile tools, letting them do their jobs rather than struggling with annoying paperwork.

We provide a sophisticated but simple to use system that allows our clients to manage petabytes of asset data without the need for manuals or extensive training. Our clients are most pleased by the dashboard and analytics tools that give them a visualization of the health of their assets in ways they never had with simplicity.

Our Team

Bob Baughman

CEO, Cofounder

Ben Williams

COO, Cofounder

Scott White

VP, Engineering

Chris Haines

VP, Business Development

Benjamin Schmuhl

VP, Products


Patrick Woodson

Dr. Carsten Westergaard

Max Mascarenhas


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