Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) Software Platform Overview

HUVR enables you to digitize all your inspection workflows, regardless of their complexity. You can import data—images, videos, measurements, checklists, commentary, etc—from any tool and in any format and have it categorized, organized and stored in one secure repository—on a data management system you control. You can instantly retrieve specific data, analyze it and present it in any form required to meet your needs. All this happens on a single platform: HUVR.


Work Smarter

Simplify your data entry

Standardize your data management

Automate reporting and analytics

Improve ESG Compliance

Lower Costs

Scaled ESG inspection workflows

Single data repository

Efficient inspection workflows

Own your asset data

Be Agile

Configure your workflows

Visualize trends

Manage your fleet, site and assets

Augment corporate ESG reporting

HUVR Platform

What is InspectFlow+?

InspectFlow+ is a digital checklist app for tablets and phones. As part of the HUVR IDMS platform, it allows you to digitize any inspection checklist, enabling you to inspect industrial assets like never before! Teams in the field can easily enter their checklist data, photos and videos using your own pre-configured format. Use InspectFlow+ and the HUVR IDMS platform to ensure your inspection data is consistent, correct and always available!

InspectFlow+ is designed to be used by field inspectors without network access.


Collect data faster and more accurately while still in the field

Easy entry of multiple input types (text, photo, checkboxes, etc.)

Compatible with iOS and Android tablets and phones

Standardize your inspections across teams and locations

Ensure reliable data for compliance and adherence to best practices

Each line item can include photos, videos and a written note

Conduct entire inspections while completely offline

Take unlimited photos at inspection point

All data is seamlessly uploaded and synched when you’re ready

Each sync is recorded separately, including the date, time and active user

Add as many line items and sections as you need to manage each inspection

Support for embedded written and pictorial instructions and reference images

What is Findings Management?

Findings Management is a module that works within the HUVR platform. When an inspection is performed on an asset, an inspector identifies and categorizes the anomalies and turns in a report, all within HUVR. In the past, this often meant engineers then had to manually move the data from the report to a spreadsheet  to manage the information. Now, Findings Management allows teams to review the data within the HUVR platform, removing the need for tedious data entry or copying and pasting–while removing the chance for human error or data corruption in the process. Asset managers can create new projects, assign crews and begin workflows, touching off complex processes automatically. Furthermore, teams can sort known anomalies involving the same asset to see if crews take care of everything at once.


Quickly add inspection information to your dataset

Nest anomalies to quickly isolate issues for faster repair capabilities

More efficient control and prioritization of crew management

Reduction of human error by HUVR data management

Exportable functionality to allow data flexibility

What is Visual Inspector?

Visual Inspector is HUVR’s Image processing tool. This tool allows field technicians and inspectors to quickly process large volumes of inspection images, tag and annotate the damaged areas. These images are then stored and updated in the IDMS software.

Designed for either on-line or off-line use and supports all image types.

Supports all Inspection Tools that generate images of any type


Customer defined “Profiles” to label defect types and defect locations

  • Text annotation Image Rotation &
  • Contrast tools Image archive automation
  • Crop tool to zoom in on defect

Quick tagging of defects to your defect labeling standards

Online or Offline capability

Image processing tool — Process hundreds of images efficiently

When Sync’d, inspection images are automatically inserted into project report

What is HUVR
Data System?

The HUVR Data System is the central control panel for all your assets, data and data inspection management.

The Data System is where inspection projects are created and assigned. Through its simple to use interface, HUVR clients manage their data structure, assets, manage users and crews, define asset types and report types.

HUVR IDMS Software Project Management Data System
HUVR IDMS Software Project Management Data System


Checklist Creation Tool (or use HUVRs full service to help you)

Quick entry of checklist data at the point of inspection

Unlimited line items

  • Drop-down lists / Text entry boxes
  • Date / Signature fields
  • Embedded instructions / reference images

Online or Offline capability

Take unlimited photos at inspection point

Annotation of photos

Enforce consistency of inspections (same checklist for every asset)

When Sync’d, inspection data is automatically merged into project inspection report

What is HUVR

Multiple reports formats are available for different client ‘audience’ roles  For example: A site supervisor can define and access a report on ‘their assets’, whereas a fleet engineer can define and access a report on all assets.

Customized reports can be created that allow you to format the report that is meaningful to you.  HUVRs customization tools allow us to provide you with any report, in any format.

HUVR IDMS Software Reporting
HUVR IDMS Software Reporting

IDMS Software Platform Reporting Features

Fully customizable reports

Reports Autogenerate

Convert to PDF if needed

Real-time live information

Provide access (share) as needed

What is HUVR

Capturing data is only the first step in assessing asset health.

HUVR provides analytics that enable you to quickly get to trends, actionable data and summary dashboards with one click.

Our HUVR Analytics Engine allows you to customize what is important to you and to display the information in a simple and useful way.

Take action…manage repairs…optimize production.

HUVR IDMS Software analytics
HUVR IDMS Software analytics

Analytics Features

Customize the views and dashboards

Multiple ‘views’ (examples)

  • Fleet View for Senior Management
  • Site View for Site management
  • Filters and switches for asset-specific information

Modern graphs and heat maps to quickly identify issues across thousands of inspection

Data table based on switches and options selected

Easily transportable data – Export table data to a csv for use in other systems