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HUVR Solutions

The HUVR Reliability Automation Platform repowers your IDMS and provides solutions that enable you to digitize all your inspection workflows, regardless of their complexity.


By Solution

Reliability Automation Platform

HUVR is a cloud-based Reliability Automation Platform purpose-built for managing inspection and asset data. It provides an enterprise-grade, centralized software hub with web and mobile applications for collecting, normalizing, storing, automating and analyzing all inspection data types. Best practices workflow processes are documented and automated, and libraries of relevant media are maintained. Visual asset hierarchies, map views and strong document management features drive immediate operational benefit.  Secure, partitionable access empowers you AND your contractors ensuring consistency and efficiency. The ever expanding HUVR Partner Network integrates the HUVR Reliability Automation Platform with more than 40 leading inspection software and hardware providers for simple – often autonomous – data ingestion and deep analysis, and the open architecture allows easy connectivity with other IDMS Systems of Record. Powerful data intelligence, including project, asset and crew analytics and customizable workflow dashboards deliver data-driven insights that can be easily actioned with built-in anomaly management functionality.  

Streamline, store and organize, automate, analyze, and share your inspection data using HUVR today, so that you’re ready to capitalize on AI, autonomy and a more visual way of managing asset integrity tomorrow.

Mobile App

InspectFlow+ is a dynamic mobile app that lets you save time and improve accuracy by digitizing your customized checklists, uploading photos, videos and NDT data, and syncing all of the above. Simple and powerful, InspectFlow+ streamlines inspections of your assets. You can document defects and problems, inspect assets (even without network access), and easily track inspections with current and historical data all in one easy-to-use platform. Our Asset Library makes it easy to review media and documentation, while our Anytime Anywhere forms allow you to complete ad-hoc inspections on your schedule. Available for iOS and Android.

Handsfree Inspections

HUVR's hands-free inspection solution, enabled by RealWear’s hands-free headsets, revolutionizes the way industrial asset inspections are performed and data is accessed. By leveraging RealWear's innovative headsets, HUVR provides inspection teams with unparalleled convenience, safety and efficiency, allowing them to aggregate and access critical information while keeping their hands free to focus on the task at hand.


Multiple report formats are available for different client ‘audience’ roles. For example: a site supervisor can define and access a report on ‘their assets’, whereas a fleet engineer can define and access a report on all assets. Customized reports can be created, allowing you to format any report so that it delivers exactly the information you need. Reports autogenerate to show real-time live information and can be shared within the platform or converted to PDFs as needed.

Anomaly Management

Easily and efficiently identify, categorize, prioritize and rectify anomalies without leaving the HUVR platform. Equipment failures causing unplanned downtime have been estimated to cost energy companies more than $42 million a year and up to $88 million a year in the worst case scenarios. HUVR's anomaly management solution, what we call Findings Management, allows teams to review inspection data within the HUVR platform, removing the need for tedious data entry or copying and pasting. –while removing the chance for human error or data corruption in the process, increasing efficiency. Findings Management removes the chance for human error or data corruption, increases efficiency and allows you to identify and address anomalies before they lead to significant disruptions or failures. By allowing asset managers to easily sort findings, it also positively impacts scheduling and budgeting. All of this leads to greater reliability and cost savings.

Visual Inspections

HUVR was born in the field, helping companies move to digital checklists on an easy-to-use mobile app that seamlessly feeds inspection data to the HUVR Reliability Automation Platform. Our Reliability Automation Platform allows for data collection at scale, ensuring you’re always collecting the right data in the right format, and facilitating an efficient and accurate workflow every time.

Visual inspections cover countless equipment types across multiple industries. Whether you’re checking for cracks and corrosion, fugitive emissions or missing bolts, HUVR’s InspectFlow+ mobile field app will keep your teams focused on delivering the details that matter.

HUVR’s integrated digital checklist supports the collection of photos, readings, and typed or speech-to-text notes for any inspection process, whether you have an internet connection or not. You can easily record and sync from the field, and then review the results in the HUVR Reliability Automation Platform’s web portal for QA/QC before driving insights or publishing formal reports.


NDT Inspections

HUVR is the leading solution for collecting and storing conventional and advanced NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) data from inspections. Whether it’s traditional techniques like visual inspection, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, or more cutting-edge approaches such as phased array ultrasonics, eddy current testing, and digital radiography, HUVR’s Reliability Automation Platform accommodates – often with pre-built integrations with NDT tool providers. The user-friendly interface and powerful data intelligence  capabilities enable in-house and 3rd party inspectors and engineers to analyze the data and deliver automated reports, then make informed decisions promptly, enhancing overall inspection efficiency and asset integrity management.


Robotic Inspections

Robotic inspection tools are often safer, faster and more reliable than traditional, human-centric inspections. Robots can fly. Robots can dive to the deepest subsea depths. Robots can do 24 hour/day operator rounds. Robots can enter confined spaces filled with toxic chemicals without pausing production. However, scaling the use of robotic tools can be a significant challenge.

HUVR enables owner operators and service providers to scale their use of robotic inspection technologies. Robots – whether drones, crawlers, quadrupeds or subsea ROVs – are the shiny objects. The data they collect is the actual gold. HUVR integrates with cutting-edge robotic inspection technologies offering a seamless platform for aggregating, automating, and analyzing all inspection data – regardless of file size or format. 

Data silos are knocked down, eliminating compatibility issues and enabling collaboration across your entire ecosystem, including legacy systems of record.


Reliability Intelligence

HUVR instantly summarizes and analyzes data across your workflows, equipment and facilities to show you the insights you need to make the right decisions today. Streamline time spent analyzing risk and driving critical insights with the HUVR Reliability Intelligence solution. 

The HUVR Reliability Intelligence solution provides users with out-of-the-box, ready-made dashboards offering proactive visibility for Assets, Projects and Crews to support, operational awareness of existing conditions and current and planned work. Customized solutions for specific workflows are also available as a turnkey solution with no IT resources required.


3D Contextualization (3DC) - Integrated Digital Twin

HUVR’s Three-dimensional Contextualization (3DC) solution is an evolution of digital twin technology applied to the asset inspection and integrity management process. Our 3DC overlays inspection data onto a digital representation of an asset’s condition monitoring locations to provide pinpoint accuracy of where anomalies are. Post-inspection, there are often questions that require an understanding of where the asset is physically located on site or in relation to other assets. This context empowers engineers and planners to be more effective in their tasks, whether they are on-site or somewhere else in the world. With HUVR’s 3DC, teams can review inspection data in context and make more effective decisions quicker.

HUVR’s 3DC solution is currently built upon integrations with ZynQ 360 and VEERUM, and can be configured to work with other digital twin platforms.


Artificial Intelligence

Today’s asset integrity management leaders are awash in more data than ever before, resulting from myriad new inspection types, technologies and providers. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to consistently capture, ingest, aggregate, standardize, structure, analyze and report upon all this data – then along came 2023’s mass sprint towards incorporating AI technologies. There is a massive opportunity for integrity management, with tools like AI anomaly detection and generative AI interfaces becoming more effective and widely available, however those who have tried, know that it is impossible to “bolt on” AI without a rock solid data infrastructure. HUVR’s Reliability Automation Platform is your foundation for innovation with all data-dependent emerging integrity management tech, including artificial intelligence.