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HUVR Smart Asset Integrity Management Solution

Automate and digitize your inspection workflows

If you are like most companies, you are inspecting your assets regularly and have a large amount of data coming from a variety of images, which include drones, infrared, even iPhones.

Trying to combine your images with a manual checklist, or even a digital checklist can be frustrating and trying to get valuable metrics can be impossible.

Our asset integrity management system seamlessly combines your inspection images, digitizes your checklists and automatically creates actionable reports and powerful data analytics on your entire fleet.

Always know what’s going on

Manage all of your assets in one place, with actionable reports and solutions.  HUVR’s asset integrity management system natively integrates with your back-end systems to ensure full life cycle and end to end asset integrity management.

Manage all of your assets from one single dashboard

Powerful analytics dashboards

Actionable data with simple to understand screens to give you the health of your fleet,  site or individual asset.

Customized reports

As your assets are inspected,  HUVRdata’s reports are instantly ready to provide any constituent what they need to do their job and manage that asset.

Standardize and scale your inspection workflows

Are you using subcontractors to inspect your assets? Do you need a standard tool to get your subcon’s or employees to enter and tag the digital image data to your standards? Use HUVR’s digital Image Flow tool to ingest all your image data the way you want it…and in a scalable form that you can analyze.

Defect Prioritization

More defects than you have budget? Use HUVR’s RepairFlow to; a) prioritize your defects by site and by asset type, b) group the defects by subcon type, and prepare the defects you wish to bid out to subcons. C) integrate this with your existing RFP process so that it is seamless.

An easy to use digital checklist

Go digital.  Enable your inspectors to be more efficient and productive.  Digitize all your checklists with our asset integrity management system.

Digitize any checklist

HUVRdata’s digital checklist platform supports IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices and gives your technicians a tool they will love and never want to live without.

Consolidate your inspection data

HUVRdata’s asset management system automatically merges all inspection data from all mobile devices and inspection imaging tools to provide a complete view and result of your asset inspections.

One button sync

Can be more productive by synching their data once which auto generates the inspection report so they can move onto the next inspection.  No paperwork!