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Register for the HUVR Monthly Live Demo

Register now to attend our no-pressure live demo. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a chance to see the HUVR IDMS platform in action, engage with our subject matter experts, and ask any questions you might have. Although the topics are applicable to any field, we have broken out the sessions to showcase O&G-related asset inspection management the first week of every month, and renewables-related asset inspection management the third week.

In this demo, you will:

  • See real-world examples of how inspection process are being digitized, and the returns that adopters are realizing.
  • Learn how to scale and capitalize on new technologies like drones, robotics, and advanced sensors across your organization.
  • Explore how HUVR standardizes and stores terabytes of clean data and reports as a foundation for future systems including 3D models, analytics, AI, and ML.
  • Understand how HUVR manages and synchronizes projects across your site, or around the world, by providing digital dashboards and cloud based data review.
HUVR live demos

Stay tuned for new sessions in 2024!