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Oil & Gas

With recent demand destruction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, oil and gas companies are searching for ways to increase their efficiency and lower their operating expenses. HUVR’s asset management tools save money on day one and provide essential management tools across their fleets.


Benefits of using
Asset Management

HUVR’s asset management solutions allow energy operators to understand fleetwide health, sitewide production issues and asset specific problem areas. Our sophisticated analytics allow asset owners to ensure they achieve the production output and asset reliability promised by the asset OEM while providing tools to self-manage and maintain the entire fleet in a digital and reliable way.

Use Case

End of Warranty Inspection

Did you buy the asset with a warranty? Are you close to the end of the warranty? Who are you going to believe…the OEM or your own data? Use HUVR’s digital checklists to measure and document every critical component so you can effectively manage and negotiate your true end of warranty close out costs with the OEM.

Defect Prioritization

More defects than you have budget? Use HUVR’s RepairFlow to prioritize your defects by site and by asset type, group the defects by subcon type (blade, gearbox, etc…), and prepare the defects you wish to bid out to subcons. Then integrate this with your existing RFP process so that it is seamless.

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