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Oil & Gas

As world wide oil and gas investments continue to grow, they are increasingly more complex given the geographical, environmental and regulatory issues associated with global expansion. These factors coupled with an increasingly competitive market are driving a renewed focus on operational excellence within oil and gas asset management. HUVR’s asset management suite save operators money from day one and provides essential management tools to drive higher ROI across the enterprise.


Benefits of using
Asset Management

HUVRs asset management solutions allow oil and gas operators to understand the health of your assets across your production sites and to prioritize and maintain critical problem areas to ensure you maximize production. Our sophisticated analytics allow asset owners to ensure you achieve your production output while providing tools to manage and maintain your entire asset portfolio in a digital and reliable way.

Use Case

Standardize and Globalize Digital Asset Inspections

Customize any asset inspection work flow to your specification standards allowing for global implementation and data mining across asset types. This will maximize the value of your asset data and ensure the most efficient inspection best practices are followed globally.

Increased visibility into complex operations

HUVR’s easy to use and rich dashboard analytics allow you to visualize and manage your assets from any place in the world. One click to the problem, and one click to the detail and solution.

Improve collaboration with oil field services to improve logistics and costs

HUVR was designed from the ground up to allow you to retain any field services organization and allow them customized and controlled access to the data you want them to ingest into your data vault. This keeps the full data stream in your hands while allowing you to leverage external resources to run or maintain your operation.

Make the connection between improved asset management and execution excellence

HUVR tools allow team members and their managers to view critical data, share appropriate inspections and for management to manage across their teams to ensure maximum output and technician optimization.

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