COVID19…What is Your Data Strategy in 2020+


  • Bob Baughman, CEO, HUVR


  • The worldwide COVID pandemic has brought about a new normal. The resulting business and supply chain disruption and the need for social distancing and remote work are forcing companies to be much more efficient and rigorous in the way they use data. Legacy data systems with silo'd and fragmented data structures make it challenging for businesses to react and be agile to the new economic realities driving their operational priorities. Removing these efficiency barriers is essential in this new era where operational efficiency is synonymous with survivability. Data aggregation serves to combine data from disparate sources. This is a critical efficiency enabler.
  • Open platforms are software systems based on open standards, such as documented external Application Programming Interfaces (API). Open platforms prevent vendor lock-in and reduce the tax associated with silo'd data.
  • Wide-scale implementation of data aggregation and insistence on open platforms are strategic keys to success in these times.

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