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Case Study

Supermajor Oil Company

Supermajor Oil Company

HUVR has been working with Fortune 500 companies for the past few years. But none as notable as this supermajor oil company.

HUVR has supported a supermajor oil company over the past 2 years in their efforts to place a global digital reporting and analytics platform for their inspection programs.

Below is our customer success story with one of the largest companies in the world.

This supermajor is the largest oil & gas company in the world. For 135 years they have helped provide energy to the worlds growing economy. This supermajor currently operates 37 refineries in 21 countries. Their goal is to apply next-generation asset inspection technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the world’s growing needs for energy and high-quality chemical products.

This supermajor was struggling to integrate drone-based inspection into their corporate business practices.  Every site had a different concept of how to integrate drones and how to store the data.  As a result, there was no global standard for inspection techniques, procedures and data integrity. They needed a global solution that was flexible enough to meet the needs of the individual sites, yet comprehensive and simple for their individual sites to use.

This supermajor brought in HUVRdata to solve their data dilemma.  The HUVRdata solution allows them to integrate drone data across their global facilities, and obtain consistent data, regardless of the country, drone provider, or asset being inspected. The supermajor was able to implement their own global inspection practices, ensuring that the data collected during these inspections is available to all approved users. The supermajor users were so pleased with the usability, and ease of access, and analytics features HUVR delivered, that they entered historical data from past inspections, and immediately expanded the scope of the engagement.

Choosing HUVR as the backbone for their drone inspection data helped this supermajor successfully integrate the data from these inspections.  The process optimization from the implementation of HUVR saved this supermajor over 500k in the first year.  The supermajor used HUVR exclusively to enter full inspection data from over 150 inspections at 21 facilities just in the first 6 months of the project.  The results were so promising that the supermajor is expanding the use of the HUVR system.

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