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Transforming Turnarounds: VEERUM and HUVR's 3D Contextualization Solution

Transforming Turnarounds: Discover VEERUM and HUVR's 3D Contextualization Solution

Save $2.5M per TAR by optimizing inspection processes with IDMS-based, visual digital twin solutions

Hosted live on August 10, 2023, VEERUM and HUVR joined Osprey Integrity  for a virtual 45-minute webinar focused on three dimensional contextualization (3DC) – a new approach to asset integrity management.

3DC is an evolution of digital twin technology applied to the asset inspection and integrity management process that enables a new visual way of doing work for geographically distributed teams. It overlays inspection data onto a digital representation of an asset to visualize where anomalies are located, and provides a tool to communicate where work needs to be done.

In this interactive session, our experts detail the technology and review success stories and emerging best practices in turnaround planning.

Traditional inspection methods are time-consuming, resource-intensive, and prone to errors. Now organizations can transform their inspection processes with seamless data collection (visual, checklist and NDT), enhanced data accuracy, and real-time reporting to drive the fastest, most informed decisions. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how operations and maintenance managers have increased operational efficiency and safety, while saving $2.5M per turnaround.