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Are You Optimizing Your LEE Blade Repair for AEP?

  • Ben Schmuhl, VP, Products, HUVR

Easy to identify but difficult to quantify, leading edge erosion is the most prevalent blade defect, and it costs millions in lost production. Using HUVR’s new LEAD analytics, you can predict how leading edge erosion will continue to eat away at your blades, and how that will impact AEP in the coming years. Armed with our proven prediction engine, HUVR uses the blade inspections you have today to accurately forecast how your environment will affect the leading edge of your blades. We apply that progression of worsening blade conditions against the expected performance of your turbines, factoring in known details like availability and blade length. The result is an understanding of not only predicted blade condition over the next five years but the reduction in AEP in dollars. When compared with blade repair cost estimates, you get a true ROI for each year, making your repair strategy a real breeze!

– Easily view a single turbine, a set, a site, or your entire fleet
– Understand blade condition, AEP loss, and repair estimates for each turbine, each year
– Prioritize and package up repairs for internal repair teams or external vendors
– Use HUVR’s inspection data platform to track inspections for blades, gearboxes, and more!

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