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HUVR Findings Management Module - Advanced Anomaly Management

Easily and efficiently identify, categorize, prioritize and rectify anomalies without leaving the HUVR platform

Equipment failures causing unplanned downtime have been estimated to cost energy companies more than $42 million a year and up to $88 million a year in the worst case scenarios.

Findings Management allows teams to review inspection data within the HUVR platform, removing the need for tedious data entry or copying and pasting–while removing the chance for human error or data corruption in the process, increasing efficiency.

Findings Management also assists in identifying and addressing anomalies before they lead to significant disruptions or failures. By allowing asset managers to easily sort findings, it also positively impacts scheduling and budgeting. All of this leads to greater reliability, cost savings and operational efficiency.


Findings Management Features

  • Quickly add inspection information to your dataset
  • Nest anomalies to quickly isolate issues for faster repair capabilities
  • More efficient control and prioritization of crew management
  • Reduction of human error by HUVR data management
  • Exportable functionality to allow data flexibility