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Posted on August 31

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Austin, TX- August 31, 2021- HUVR, Inc. (HUVR), a leader in digitizing inspection workflows, welcomes FLX Solutions (FLX) into the HUVR Partner Network (HPN). The two companies will work together to accelerate an integration that enhances the user experience of both the HUVR software platform and FLX hardware. Customers will be able to leverage both the modular FLX BOT robotics from FLX Solutions to access, store and report the data collected in a complete end-to-end system. This will enable the information gathered to be seamlessly integrated into existing customer workflows and data systems ranging from BIM to 3D CAD models.


Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVR, recently shared, “HUVR is a great solution. Our customers love us for the flexibility we bring them, but they still rely on physical tools to collect inspection data. So it makes sense they will also love the ability for us to provide a seamless process where data flows from inspection devices like FLX BOT into a scalable secure platform.”


HUVR has been helping industrial equipment owners and inspection companies effectively manage and perform inspections on critical components of heavy industry for many years. HUVR provides a complete digitized inspection workflow for the management, collection and storage of inspection data. They are excited to partner with a startup company like FLX that will allow customers to interact efficiently with the latest technology on offer.


Matt Bilsky, Founder and CEO at FLX Solutions, said, “We are excited to partner with a company like HUVR who have a proven track record of working with industry leading companies to bring their inspections into the 21st Century. We look forward to taking FLX BOT’s data capabilities to the next level through this relationship.”


About FLX

FLX Solutions is innovating in the robotics industry with highly functional and intelligent robots that are miniaturized to operate in spaces that humans and traditional robots cannot easily access. Our first product, The FLX BOT is a patented, snake-like robot that is one inch in diameter and expands, braces, and climbs to perform many customizable actions. Our modular robot is made up of identical, interchangeable, links that each have a camera and sensor to enable 3D mapping and autonomous navigation. Each robot has interchangeable end effectors including drills, grippers, vacuums or sprayers. The FLX BOT will initially target the construction and telecommunications industries and will partner with large companies in other industries to license its IP. The company is led by mechanical engineering PhD and Professional Engineer, Matt Bilsky, who has assembled a team of engineering, operations, and growth experts to help bring his vision for the future of robotics to life. For more information, visit

About HUVRdata

HUVR provides software solutions to accelerate digital transformation in the alternative energy, oil and gas, maritime, and other energy and industrial sectors. Our technology and best practices enable our clients to transform Enterprise Asset Management into Smart Asset Governance. Our solutions empower our clients to break down data silos and integrate imagery, inspection data, and legacy enterprise asset management databases. Through powerful analytics, HUVR provides visibility and actionable insights across all asset operations. For more information, please visit

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