HUVR releases ultrasonic testing inspection workflow module

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Posted on September 16

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Austin, TX- August 31, 2021- HUVRdata, Inc. (HUVR), a leader in digitizing inspection workflows, announced the addition of a new HUVR InspectFlow+ Inspection Module that enables ultrasonic testing (UT) workflows on the HUVR platform. Leveraging their experience providing customizable inspection, collection, storage and reporting capabilities, HUVR worked closely with industry leaders to develop their new standards-based UT module. It extends their existing non-destructive testing workflows for radiographic and eddy current testing, adding native support for UT measurements from field to office. Customers can now extend their visual inspection data collection to include UT thickness readings, as well as pitting depth, corrosion and more for every condition monitoring location (CML) in their piping, tanks and other assets.

Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVR, said “We set out to develop this new module with key leaders in the industry to ensure we delivered the maximum value to our customers. Our primary focus was to enable at least 40% savings to our clients across the whole UT workflow to the final report process. We have a full roadmap in place to expand our UT capabilities to include advanced support for more readers and to provide trending and remaining-life calculations.” This capability now further extends the ability for NDT inspections to be natively stored alongside all other asset inspection data in one place allowing for complete asset status, reporting and maintenance.

Since HUVR is vendor agnostic, any popular handheld UT device will seamlessly integrate into the UT inspection workflow. Users can import the data from devices directly into HUVR and map them on to existing asset CMLs—or create new CMLs as needed—either in the field or back in the office after the inspection. The data collected is available as needed via HUVR’s customizable reports.

About HUVR, Inc.
HUVR provides software solutions to accelerate digital transformation in the alternative energy, oil and gas, maritime, and other energy and industrial sectors. Our technology and best practices enable our clients to transform Enterprise Asset Management into Smart Asset Governance. Our solutions empower our clients to break down data silos and integrate imagery, inspection data, and legacy enterprise asset management databases. Through powerful analytics, HUVR provides visibility and actionable insights across all asset operations. For more information, please visit

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