HUVRdata Introduces New Reliability Intelligence Solution

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Posted on September 07

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HUVRdata Introduces New Reliability Intelligence Solution

Powerful analytic engine unlocks value of inspection data

Austin, TX – September 7 – Today, HUVRdata, the next-generation Reliability Automation Platform, announced the launch of its Reliability Intelligence solution enabling actionable insights in real time for integrity engineers, work planners and leadership within the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy industries. This offering transforms the way businesses harness the power of their inspection data with advanced analytics to enhance asset reliability and operational efficiency.

According to a 2020 McKinsey report, 70% of digitization projects are abandoned in the oil & gas energy sector during the pilot phase. However, when these projects are successful, organizations have been able to generate up to $300 million in additional value in less than 18 months – particularly by applying advanced analytics approaches to their industrial operations. To succeed at scale, though, McKinsey says that organizations will need new digital solutions that integrate seamlessly with organizations’ wider IT and operational technology infrastructure.

“HUVR’s Reliability Intelligence solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems of record to standardize and summarize key data points into meaningful, actionable insights to cohesively influence inspection strategies,” said VP Strategy and Business Development, Chris Haines, “We are thrilled to see this solution become the foundation of asset integrity management across the industrial space.”

HUVR’s Reliability Intelligence solution features a comprehensive suite of simple, seamlessly integrated dashboard visualizations designed to unlock the full potential of inspection data stored within the HUVR platform. Users across every level and functionality, from in-the-field engineering to executives in the boardroom, can utilize mission-critical insights to increase operational efficiency, reduce unnecessary spend, maximize safety and transform reactive strategies into proactive ones.

“The shift from reactive to proactive data-driven decision-making that HUVR’s Reliability Intelligence solution provides is essential for organizations aiming to improve their operational efficiencies and drive results at scale,” said NDT expert and former Chairman of the Board at ASNT, Dave Bajula, “This solution provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to more costly big player solutions that silo your data and create larger lifts in configuration and maintenance.”

Available today, the HUVR Reliability Intelligence solution offers out-of-the-box analysis of critical project, asset and crew data, as well as custom dashboards that can be tailored to any customer’s unique inspection workflows.

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