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Posted on March 28

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ICPIIT Inspection Technology Conference 2022 Takeaways

Matt Alberts, director of partnerships
John Evans, business development director

The HUVR team was at ASNT’s ICPIIT conference last week, and we met with a great group of  service, technology, and non-destructive examination (NDE) providers. We asked John and Matt to share some of their key takeaways from the show.

Regulations & Resignations

Regulatory control is increasing as resignations of experienced personnel continue to rise. Consequently, inspection companies and industrial asset owners are looking for new technologies to fill the experience gap and improve asset performance and integrity. ASNT is driving the promotion of these new and improved technologies as the ICPIIT 2022 tradeshow successfully demonstrated.

Data Management

A common theme we encountered while speaking with asset owners and inspection providers was the challenge of aggregating, automating and analyzing the vast amounts of data derived from both new and existing NDE technologies. Information is often delivered on thumb drives or PDF reports, making recalling information a difficult prospect as users sift through desk drawers and emails trying to find what they need. ICPIIT exhibitors commonly stated that technology is advancing faster than the systems that aggregate all of the data and make it immediately available to end users.

Conclusion: HUVR can help

The new and improved NDE technologies are astonishing, providing greater insight and information as to the health of an asset. However, a data management solution is required to glean the maximum value from this technology to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

HUVR’s information data management software (IDMS) platform is purpose-built to handle diverse data sets for regular, irregular and robotic inspections. Both service providers and asset owners can leverage it in conjunction with the unique and specialized technology showcased at ICPIIT 2022 to make the wealth of new inspection information centrally available and easily actionable.

We’ll have more ASNT content in the coming weeks, including videos, insights from our CEO and experts—and more.  If you’d like to know more about our plans for the future, or how we can help you today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to talk it through with you.

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