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HUVR Data System

What is HUVR
Data System?

The HUVR Data System is the central control panel for all your assets, data and data management.

The Data System is where inspection projects are created and assigned. Through its simple to use interface, HUVR clients manage their data structure, assets, manage users and crews, define asset types and report types.

HUVR IDMS Software Data Analytics
HUVR IDMS Software Data Analytics


Checklist Creation Tool (or use HUVRs full service to help you)

Quick entry of checklist data at the point of inspection

Unlimited line items

  • Drop-down lists / Text entry boxes
  • Date / Signature fields
  • Embedded instructions / reference images

Online or Offline capability

Take unlimited photos at inspection point

Annotation of photos

Enforce consistency of inspections (same checklist for every asset)

When Sync’d, inspection data is automatically merged into project inspection report

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HUVR Data System

HUVR Reporting 

HUVR Analytics

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