Redefining Refractory Inspections: HUVR and VEERUM’s Visual Refractory Management Solution

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Posted on May 24

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The refractory inspection paradigm is broken.

Regular refractory inspections are a critical component to efficient, safe, and reliable refinery management. Often completed in confined spaces and during costly turnarounds, these inspections are highly time-sensitive, incur large costs from downtime and scaffolding/tethering, and are conducted in potentially hazardous areas, increasing risk for the technician and equipment alike.

Today, these inspections are often done manually in the field. Technicians and owner/operators using paper checklists while trying to manage testing devices on furnaces, boilers, reactors and kilns face:

  • Increased risk due to hazardous confined space conditions or increased elevation.
  • Limited data collection methods that force asset owners to rely on varied standards and descriptions across third party service providers.
  • Time consuming media collection processes in the field when trying to manage unwieldy paper checklists while hanging from tethering or trying to avoid injury in cramped spaces.

Once the data has returned from the field, a new set of challenges arise: data translation, storage, and sharing with existing systems of record. In the office, technicians or data transfer teams:

  • Spend long man hours translating data into individual organizations’ preferred data systems and excel spreadsheets, increasing the risk for re-entry errors.
  • Risk loss of data and time spent navigating multiple file centers by storing information across USB or file-share sites with short-term expiration dates.
  • Lose critical long-term insights into their asset health by leaving data “on the shelf” to collect dust once the inspections are said and done.

These costly challenges presented our teams with a grave realization: the current refractory inspection paradigm is broken. That’s why HUVR and VEERUM have partnered to deliver an industry-leading visual refractory management solution designed to enable refractory managers and technicians to conduct efficient, safe, reliable inspections in one centralized location – all from the comfort of their own office.

HUVR and VEERUM’s Visual Refractory Management Solution.

HUVR and VEERUM’s Visual Refractory Management Solution allows refractory managers to transform their refractory inspection workflows with one single pane of glass. Refractory managers can now plan, monitor, and glean actionable insights from the field visually in one centralized data hub. Refractory managers and technicians using our combined solution realize:

  • Streamlined Planning & Execution: With the support of HUVR’s world-class service team, refractory inspection planners can design configurable inspection projects and campaigns with as little as 15 days of lead time, tailored to your organization’s needs and the latest regulatory standards.
  • Clean, Standardized Data: By using configurable digital checklists that comply with organizational and regulatory requirements, data comes back from the field in a clean, standardized way every time, removing the guesswork and allowing for standardized long-term insights into your asset health.
  • Seamless Digital Data Collection: Simplify data collection and review in the field with HUVR’s InspectFlow+ app compatible with any iOS or Android device. HUVR integrates with cutting-edge technology like confined space drones, multisensor drones, and advanced crawler robots for efficient, rich data collection to be stored and shared with VEERUM and existing systems of record.
  • Actionable Long-Term Insights: HUVR’s automatically generated, imagery embedded reports allow for immediate insights and findings for review by SME or AI. Imagery and geospatial data are then transformed using VEERUM’s DigitalTWIN technology to visualize your data with contextualized 3D models of your assets and site. Findings are then overlaid on the model with a color-coding system that deliver immediate visualized insights for refractory managers to peer into their asset health.
  • Better Results in Less Time: Automated and visualized reporting paired with simplified media/data collection means engineers can review reports with hundreds of videos and images just moments after a technician uploads the raw data. Technicians see dramatic reduction in time spent on paperwork, and can repurpose the time to spend more time on tools in the field, increasing efficiency in the process.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor inspection progress and asset conditions in real-time with HUVR’s configurable dashboards and VEERUM’s DigitalTWIN that link to update with new findings or changes. Receive notifications when inspections are completed or data is ready for review.
  • One Pane of Glass: With links to HUVR in VEERUM’s models and links to VEERUM within HUVR, refractory managers and technicians can access their data when and where they need it most.

Revolutionize your refractory inspection workflows.

HUVR and VEERUM’s Visual Refractory Management Solution combine to create a seamless, efficient digital refractory workflow experience that is revolutionizing the refractory inspection process today.

By using HUVR and VEERUM’s Visual Refractory Management System, refractory managers and technicians experience improved ease of use, seamless digital inspection workflows, deeper insights, and reduced costs while maintaining increased efficiency. Refractory management teams using the solution can now:

  • Plan refractory inspections during a turnaround with as little as 15 days of lead time.
  • Manage seamless end-to-end visual inspection workflows digitally, saving time in the field.
  • Ingest, store, model, and analyze clean, rich data in a centralized location.
  • Glean deep actionable insights about asset health to inform better decision-making from the comfort of the office.
  • Realize up to $3M in direct cost savings per turnaround.

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VEERUM is a data-agnostic solution that ingests, aggregates, analyzes and visualizes asset data. VEERUM’s digital twin technology allows you to be on site without going to site. The partnership between HUVRdata and VEERUM provides a comprehensive solution for inspection data management and visualization of engineering, geospatial, planning, scheduling and operational data in a single web-based interface, empowering teams to work more efficiently, accurately, and safely from anywhere in the world with access to the fastest digital twin available, enabling remote work and business continuity while eliminating the need for field walk, with the leading visual remote work solution for operations and maintenance.

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