Storage Tanks

Perform above-ground storage tank (AST) inspections 43% faster with our tailored tank inspection workflows - HUVR Tank Solution™

AST inspections are complex…regulations are strict…penalties are harsh

Storage tanks require numerous, complex inspections to ensure asset integrity and regulatory compliance. A powerful mixture of new regulations with harsher penalties, new tank inspection technologies and a shrinking number of experienced technicians is developing into the perfect storm. In the US, numerous API Standards detail the requirements for both in- and out-of-service, plus operational inspections—and some locations have additional regulations to comply with, adding layers of complexity. Effectively scheduling and managing all phases to ensure asset integrity and achieve compliance requires significant resources to complete tasks such as:
  • Managing workflows for both internal crews and subcontractors
  • Capturing and collating data from multiple sources, including tank inspection tools and checklists
  • Taking data from inspections and using it to both understand the health of the asset and generate a timely report on that health in the correct format
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance requirements are met with the proper documentation that is easy to recall
  • Storing all records for compliance and asset health tracking in an organized hierarchy

Simplify and standardize your tank inspection workflows for efficiency, compliance & cost reduction

Our fit-for-purpose tank inspection workflows - the HUVR Tank Solution™ - puts you in control of your AST operator rounds, API-653, -571 and -2350 inspections. HUVR's storage tank inspection solution puts your asset information in a single, secure repository, is vendor-agnostic and generates on-demand, unambiguous reports in the format needed, when needed. With the time saved, you can perform more tank inspections—or have your subcontractors perform more inspections, with the data ending up on your system. By using the HUVR Tank Solution you can optimize spend, be compliant in one click, facilitate ESG strategies and manage your data—all on the one platform allowing you to focus on maximizing revenue rather than reducing cost.
  • Assign internal crews and/or external subcontractors to specific workflows
  • Integrate any digital inspection tools with HUVR’s powerful digital checklist platform
  • Collate your data, from any source and in any format
  • Generate reports automatically for both QA/QC analysis and regulatory reporting
  • Communicate asset health at a glance, on demand, with our advanced analytics dashboard
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Typical Inspection Tools

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Electromagnetic Testing (ET)
  • Borescope
  • Laser Elevation Measurements
  • Thermal & OGI Cameras
  • Drones, Walkers, Crawlers

Typical Inspections Workflows

  • Routine visual safety inspections
  • API-653 comprehensive regulatory visual inspections
  • API-653 in- and out-of-service inspections of shell, roof, and bottom, including:
  • Settlement and planar tilt
  • Corrosion rate
  • Remaining life
  • Under floor corrosion
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Corrosion under fireproofing (CUF)
  • API-651 Cathodic Protection
  • API-2350 Overfill Protection