Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment

Streamline extensive compressor station inspections with HUVR

Deciphering the data deluge  

Compression stations are a constellation of interconnected assets; rotating and reciprocating equipment is critical to keep product moving through them. Numerous digital devices and software platforms monitor operational efficiency, with regulatory inspections mandated to ensure compliance. Efficiently managing inspection activities on as many as 4,000 test points with a diversity of digital test equipment and a massive amount of data is a challenge requiring significant resources, necessitating completing tasks such as:
  • Implement and roll out your custom workflow digitally through the HUVR system in days
  • Standardizing workflows and communicating the scope of work to be performed by both internal crews and subcontractors
  • Capturing and collating data from multiple sources, including gas and thermal imaging cameras, digital inspection tools and checklists
  • Uploading, categorizing and reporting the health of an asset in the correct format without stranding critical asset specific data 
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance requirements are met, with the proper documentation created and stored for easy recall on-demand 

Navigate the flood of data through consolidation and analytics  

HUVR’s vendor-agnostic platform enables the ingestion of data from any source, in any format.  Information stored on a single, secure repository delivers the critical link between the data and the asset itself, ensuring vital information does not become stranded or overlooked. Customized reports are automatically generated based on a common language, targeted to the recipient for further analysis or publication. HUVR brings clarity to the data maelstrom, facilitating decision making, regulatory compliance reporting and enabling ESG strategies.  
  • Assign internal crews and/or external subcontractors to specific workflows with a defined scope of work that can be scaled based on findings
  • Integrate and consolidate data from any digital inspection tool, linked directly to the asset avoiding stranded or lost data  
  • Classify and communicate asset health in a common language with our advanced analytics dashboard avoiding misinterpretation or ambiguity
  • Generate focused reports automatically for both QA/QC analysis and regulatory reporting
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Typical Inspection Tools

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Electromagnetic Testing (ET)
  • Borescope
  • Thermal & OGI camera
  • Drones, Walkers, Crawlers

Typical Inspections Workflows

  • Routine visual safety inspections
  • Fugitive Emission inspections
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Corrosion under fireproofing (CUF)