DeFelsko to join the HUVR Partner Network

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Posted on October 05

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Austin, TX-October 5, 2021- HUVR, Inc. (HUVR), a leader in digitizing inspection workflows, welcomes DeFelsko into the HUVR Partner Network (HPN). Inspectors already use DeFelsko hardware to capture thickness measurement data across a wide array of applications. Now these measurements will link to inspection data inside of HUVR, enabling the information gathered to be pushed directly into existing customer workflows and data systems.

“After the launch of our UT measurement module last month, we are excited by the opportunity to integrate with DeFelsko devices to allow for the seamless flow of data into the HUVR platform for coating and material thickness inspections,” stated Bob Baughman, CEO and founder of HUVR.

HUVR has been helping industrial equipment owners and inspection companies effectively manage and perform inspections on critical components of heavy industry for many years, enabling immediate ROI and improved production KPIs. Through this integration, customers using DeFelsko devices will see collected data flow automatically into their HUVR inspection workflow. In particular, this fits well with HUVR’s new UT measurements module, and through the integration both companies offer their customers the ability to translate raw information into actionable insights.

About DeFelsko

DeFelsko is a U.S. manufacturer of coating thickness gages and inspection instruments for the paint and coatings industry. It designs and manufactures simple, durable, and accurate gages for a host of industries including manufacturing, marine, aerospace, and petrochemical. It participates in organizations including American Society for Testing and Materials and ISO – International Organization for Standardization. Find more, visit

About HUVR

HUVR was founded to help asset owners maximize ROI through comprehensive digital maintenance and inspection flows. Their vision started by providing simple tools that allow technicians to ingest their inspection data via easy and simple to use mobile tools, letting them do their jobs rather than struggling with annoying paperwork.
HUVR provides a sophisticated but simple to use system that allows clients to manage petabytes of asset data without the need for manuals or extensive training. Their clients are most pleased by the dashboard and analytics tools that give them a visualization of the health of their assets in ways they never had with simplicity. For more information visit

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