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Deliver Improved ESG Sustainability Metrics with HUVR


Wind, solar and storage assets require unique inspection workflows and maintenance strategies. Use one software system to collect and manage all inspection data—plus manage/prioritize all repairs to maximize production.

Oil & Gas

Digitize and ingest tank, flarestack undersea rover and pipeline inspection data in one place while prioritizing repairs. Meet regulatory compliance and improve ESG sustainability metrics in one click.


Digitize and ingest all complex asset inspection workflows using any robotic or automated tool. Maximize production output and improve ESG sustainability metrics.


Modernize maritime asset inspections and consolidate data to increase efficiency and reliability.

Our Technology

Platform Overview

HUVR enables you to digitize all your inspection workflows, regardless of their complexity. You can import data—images, videos, measurements, checklists, commentary, etc—from any tool and in any format and have it categorized, organized and stored in one secure repository—on an inspection data management system you control. You can instantly retrieve specific data, analyze it and present it in any form required to meet your needs. All this happens on a single platform: HUVR.


The central control panel for all your
assets, data and inspection data management.

  • Inspect images and mark defects
  • Checklist creation tool
  • Online or offline capabilities
  • When synched inspection data is automatically merged into project inspection report

Visual Inspector

Visual Inspector is HUVRData’s Image processing tool. This tool allows field technicians and inspectors to quickly process large volumes of inspection images, tag and annotate the damage areas. These images are then stored and updated in the IDMS software platform.

Data System

The Data System is where inspection projects are created and assigned. Through its simple-to-use interface, HUVR clients manage their data structure, assets, manage users and crews, define asset types and report types.


Customized reports can be created that allow you to format the report that is meaningful to you.  HUVRs customization tools allow us to provide you with any report,  in any format.


HUVR delivers a scalable, easy-to-use platform for digital inspections

When a supermajor O&G company needed a solution that could scale from global to local—but one flexible enough to meet each site’s unique needs—HUVR’s robust, simple-to-use platform delivered.

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