HEBI Robotics brings advanced NDT to the HUVR Partner Network

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Posted on October 14

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Austin, TX- October 14, 2021 – HUVRdata, Inc. (HUVR), a leader in digitizing inspection workflows, welcomes HEBI Robotics (HEBI) into the HUVR Partner Network (HPN). The two companies will work together to accelerate an integration that enhances the user experience of both the HUVR software platform and HEBI products. Specifically, customers will be able to leverage the HEBI MAPS encoded UT flaw detection system with the HUVR platform to collect, store and report data collected in a complete end-to-end system.

HEBI Robotics develops a platform of hardware and software that makes it possible to create world-class robotics quickly.  HEBI uses the platform to address automation challenges that are not well served by conventional robotics.  HEBI MAPS is a commercially available universal encoder arm, powered by the HEBI platform, that enables NDT technicians to conduct asset inspections far more efficiently and accurately than they could with manual processes.  The system generates fully encoded 3D scans of any complex geometry, ensuring accuracy and complete coverage.  Thousands of measurements can be gathered very rapidly to quickly find corrosion and erosion on components in heavy industry. Data generated by HEBI MAPS, coupled with HUVR’s new, advanced UT module and overall inspection data management platform, allows users to effectively collect inspection data and return actionable insights. 

Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVR, recently shared, “We are excited by the opportunity that HEBI will bring our customers and the value their technology can deliver through the HUVR platform.”

HUVR has been helping industrial equipment owners and inspection companies effectively manage and perform inspections on critical components of heavy industry for many years, enabling immediate ROI and improved production KPIs. HUVR provides a complete digitized inspection workflow for the management, collection, and storage of inspection data. They are excited to partner with a startup company like HEBI to empower their customers to create safer and more reliable scans of their complex surfaces.


About HEBI Robotics

 HEBI Robotics was founded in 2014 by a cross-disciplinary team from the world-renowned Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. The company is a spin-out of CMU’s Biorobotics Lab, led by Professor Howie Choset.

HEBI’s robot development platform is used by over 100 academic and industrial research groups around the world.  HEBI uses the platform to address automation challenges not well met by conventional robotics.

HEBI’s team of PhD researchers, engineers, and technicians has experience developing robotics tools for the military, sewer inspection, space flight, and the aerospace industry.   For more information visit www.hebirobotics.com.

About HUVR

HUVR was founded to help asset owners maximize ROI through comprehensive digital maintenance and inspection flows. Their vision started by providing simple tools that allow technicians to ingest their inspection data via easy and simple to use mobile tools, letting them do their jobs rather than struggling with annoying paperwork.

HUVR provides a sophisticated but simple to use system that allows clients to manage petabytes of asset data without the need for manuals or extensive training. Their clients are most pleased by the dashboard and analytics tools that give them a visualization of the health of their assets in ways they never had with simplicity. For more information visit https://www.huvrdata.com/

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