HUVR and Ghost Robotics Demo Scalable, End-to-End Solution

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Posted on August 10

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HUVR and Partner Ghost Robotics Demonstrate How Robotic Inspection can Scale to Increase Safety, Efficiency

Three days of live demonstrations for supermajor energy companies as well as public sessions conducted at the Quasset Innovation Hub

San Antonio, TX – August 10, 2022 – Today, at the API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit, HUVRdata announced that last week, at Quasset’s Test Facility in

Houston, TX, HUVRdata and Ghost Robotics conducted six live sessions to demonstrate how the combination of cutting-edge quadruped robot inspection technology paired with the industry’s most simple-yet-powerful inspection data management software (IDMS) platform can deliver operational excellence and greater safety to asset owners, starting with a single asset and scaling across an entire enterprise.

Operationalizing and scaling ground robotics begins with three things: best-in-class hardware, data management software and service. Ghost Robotics’ VISION 60 is a cutting-edge quadruped, capable of working in all weather conditions and gathering multiple types of inspection data. Once collected, the HUVRdata IDMS platform ingests, standardizes and analyzes the data, ensuring everyone at the site—or in the company—is working off the same information. The final component required is service.

“HUVR builds best-in-class IDMS software and Ghost created a best-in-class inspection robotic tool. Together, we stand ready to support our clients with implementation and speed-to-value,” said Chris Haines, VP of business development and strategy, HUVR. “We have extensive experience enabling the scale of aerial robotics with our enterprise clients and we see a similar trajectory and opportunity for the scale ground robotics.”

The outcome of operationalizing myriad inspection technologies, from a Ghost Robotics Vision 60 to a drone to a hand-held device or a subsea ROV—at scale—are safety and productivity. Obviously, robots can go where humans cannot, be it on the ground, in the air or underwater. For instance, they can inspect assets while in use, which would be far too dangerous for humans. This makes sites safer, but it also increases efficiency, as there is often no lost time for inspections.

HUVR’s IDMS ensures the data received by stakeholders is comprehensive and standardized. This allows for a like-to-like comparison across both assets and time, which leads to insights that can decrease waste and increase profit.

“Being able to use various sensors on our robot and pulling that data back into HUVR will seamlessly augment the work of human inspectors, enabling new levels of scale within the largest energy producers and petrochemical companies” said Michael Subhan, CMO, Ghost Robotics.

“Quasset Innovation Hub is happy to open the door for public HUVRdata and Ghost Robotics demos in our test facility in Houston on 28 July, 2022,” said Tjibbe Bouma, CEO, Quasset.  “It is Quasset’s mission to accelerate deployment of robotic technology for inspection and maintenance to reach its full potential, solving industrial and societal challenges. Quasset has helped a large number of companies to select and test robotic solutions, thus optimizing operation processes.”

About Ghost Robotics


Ghost Robotics develops unstoppable, agile and all-weather autonomous 4-leg robots (quadrupedal or Q-UGVs) offering superior operability over wheeled and tracked devices on unstructured terrain in rough and demanding environments.

VISION™ Series

For a broad range of inspection, asset management, security and scientific applications for industrial manufacturing, infrastructure, mining, oil & gas and other natural resource enterprises, as well as military and public safety applications.

Ghost Robotics is privately held and backed by institutional and individual angel investors. For more information, visit

About Quasset

Driving innovation, building networks, and assessing and implementing pioneering technologies for business impact are at the core of Quasset. To help companies optimize the balance between cost, performance and risks of capital-intensive infrastructure, Quasset provides advanced solutions in asset management. Since its inception, Quasset has been part of a number of joint industry projects, pulling the value chain together to help companies accelerate their progress and create a competitive advantage. In 2017 Quasset Test Facility (QTF) was opened, providing companies with independent 3rd party assessments of technology in a highly flexible and relevant testing environment.

To learn more, visit

About HUVRdata

HUVRdata is the next generation Inspection Data Management Software Platform.

Purpose-built in the cloud, the mobile-connected and vendor-agnostic HUVR IDMS enables the aggregation, analysis, and automation of visual and quantitative inspection data from any device, sensor, robot, or field technician. The largest energy producers and the most specialized inspection service providers have realized immediate ROI using HUVR to plan inspections, manage work, ingest data, assess findings and generate analytical reports – from any workflow and in concert with any existing systems of record. Industrial asset owners finally have a simple and easy way to visualize infrastructure health, ensuring compliance, reliability, and operational excellence. For more information visit

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