HUVR enhances tank inspection capabilities through the HUVR Partner Network

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Posted on October 12

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Austin, TX- October 12, 2021 – HUVR, Inc. (HUVR), announces the expansion of its expanding HUVR Partner Network (HPN), adding world-class inspection tool providers: DeFelsko, FLX Solutions and Planys Technologies. Every addition serves to deliver greater value to all concerned users.

The HPN is designed to provide a seamless, streamlined and simple user experience to customers, compiling data from any source for a single inspection, giving a complete view of asset health. By partnering with the best technology providers possible, HUVR enables customers to seamlessly integrate the best tools into their tank inspection workflows, without the need to waste valuable time with complex integrations. 

The platform also incorporates securely-gathered information into comprehensive reporting and analytics from both internal teams and inspection service providers like:

Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVR, said, “Our goal with the HUVR Partner Network is to deliver the maximum value and most choice possible to our customers. By partnering with top companies, we expand the available options for our customers to integrate the best-in-class inspection tools into their tank inspection workflows.”

Each company brings their particular strength to HUVR’s robust platform. HUVR’s vendor-agnostic system makes it easier for customers to integrate these tools into their existing workflows:

  • DeFelsko’s hardware captures ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements across a wide variety of applications, which can be linked to information on the HUVR platform seamlessly.
  • FLX Solutions’ modular robotics, when combined with the HUVR platform, will provide users with a seamless, end-to-end inspection process.
  • Planys Technologies’ unique ability to remotely analyze underwater inspections for subsea infrastructure and tank assets will further expand users’ non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities on the HUVR platform.

About HUVR

HUVR was founded to help asset owners maximize ROI through comprehensive digital maintenance and inspection flows. Their vision started by providing simple tools that allow technicians to ingest their inspection data via easy and simple to use mobile tools, letting them do their jobs rather than struggling with annoying paperwork.

HUVR provides a sophisticated but simple to use system that allows clients to manage petabytes of asset data without the need for manuals or extensive training. Their clients are most pleased by the dashboard and analytics tools that give them a visualization of the health of their assets in ways they never had with simplicity. For more information visit

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