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Posted on June 23

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HUVR recently experienced a confluence of events in the Great White North. We dispatched several team members to Canada for the Global Energy Show (GES) in beautiful Alberta, while our Customer Success team hit some customer sites. We can see Mo Baban here representing HUVR at an undisclosed location.

Global Energy Show Takeaways

By Preston Canada–no relation

The Global Energy Show in downtown Calgary is truly an international show.  Korea, China, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, India, the US and (of course) Canada all had sections on the exhibit floor.

In addition to sections by nationality, there were sections by business sectors–for example there were sections for electrical energy storage, decarburization, hydrogen, nuclear and digital energy.  Thousands of attendees–ranging from students to retired professionals–attended the show in large numbers. 

The diversity of business types is a departure from the traditional show that I normally attend. For example, a show that I always attend is the National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM) which is laser-focused on storage tanks, primarily in North America.  It was enlightening to see people and technology from other parts of the world.  My personal favorite section was outdoors, where Low Impact Inc. had vehicles on display.  They specialize in tracked vehicles that can travel in areas where even the most rugged tired vehicles would struggle or damage the environment.  These types of vehicles are often used in Northern Canada and Northern Alaska.

The BMO Centre in Calgary is a fantastic place for a tradeshow and it handled the crowds of over 30,000 smoothly–and the Canadian people lived up to their reputation as friendly.  With the last name of Canada on my badge I may have received slightly more attention than normal.  At one point I had to show my driver’s license and it was passed around for others to see the spectacle.  

I would like to highlight a session that I attended where Ronnie Scott, the CTO from Charter Telecom, spoke about leveraging the data in the energy sector.  This subject is often discussed as a future possibility, but Ronnie’s discussion highlighted real world examples of how data lakes are being mined for real-time insights to maximize efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts.  Ronnie discussed using sophisticated tools like IDMS platforms and low-code solutions; either examples could be used depending on the complexity of the data.  

Data is the new gold rush and the race has already started. 

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