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Posted on September 26

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HUVRdata joins SPRINT Robotics to continue to influence the use of autonomous inspection tools

Kim Hayes and John O’Brien, HUVRdata advisors, to speak at conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – September 27, 2022 – Today from the SPRINT Robotics World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics 2022, HUVRdata, the next generation Inspection Data Management Software (IDMS) Platform, is pleased to announce that they have joined SPRINT Robotics to continue to enable the use of autonomous industrial inspection tools for asset owners, operators and service providers. Furthermore, HUVRdata advisors Kim Hayes of Valkim Industries and John O’Brien of itcSkills will be speaking at the event.

The use of robotics in industrial inspections continues to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 17.3%, and is valued at $1.65B. As more companies adopt the use of these tools, HUVRdata stands ready to automate, aggregate and analyze the tremendous amounts of data they produce, converting it into actionable insights.

“HUVRdata is proud to join our partners like HEBI, Energy Robotics and Luftronix and industry-leading companies like Shell, Dow and BP as members of Sprint Robotics,” said Matthew Alberts, Director of Partnerships, HUVRdata. “SPRINT’s end-user focus and support for the entire value chain aligns well with HUVRdata’s tool-agnostic approach to managing and analyzing inspection data.”

Kim Hayes, HUVRdata’s newest advisor, will be at the conference and is speaking on September 27th on women and robotics in the workforce, as well as on September 28 on artificial intelligence/machine learning fundamentals and future. “The custodial responsibility of a single point to ingest, converge, and analyze inspection data is desperately needed and is only compounded by the magnitude of content coming in from these robotic platforms commands visionaries like HUVR,” said Hayes. “It is a privilege to have the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing team at HUVR.” Another HUVR advisor, and longtime Chevron technology veteran, John O’Brien, is also speaking at the conference on the future of learning and experimentation.

About HUVRdata
HUVRdata is the next generation Inspection Data Management Software Platform. Purpose-built in the cloud, the mobile-connected and vendor-agnostic HUVR IDMS enables the aggregation, analysis and automation of visual and quantitative inspection data from any device, sensor, robot, or field technician. The largest energy producers and the most specialized inspection service providers have realized immediate ROI using HUVR to plan inspections, manage work, ingest data, assess findings and generate analytical reports – from any workflow and in concert with any existing systems of record. Industrial asset owners finally have a simple and easy way to visualize infrastructure health, ensuring compliance, reliability and operational excellence. For more information visit

About SPRINT Robotics
The SPRINT Robotics Collaborative is an industry-driven initiative that promotes the development, availability and application of robotics techniques in technical inspections, maintenance and operation of capital-intensive infrastructure. Founded in 2015, SPRINT Robotics was launched by a number of large asset owners from the energy industry to encourage the worldwide use of robotics for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. SPRINT Robotics is a not-for-profit organization and has become an internationally recognized platform for I&M Robotics with a support base of more than 100 organizations globally.

The SPRINT Robotics vision is to achieve field use of robotics for Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) of capital-intensive infrastructure assets on a large scale to address immediate needs and long-term industry priorities. Rapid progress can only be achieved through alignment of the whole value chain. We connect end users with service and technology providers, creating the engine for acceleration in the realization of our vision. Our starting point is the value Robotics for I&M can deliver to end-user organizations.

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