HUVRdata sponsors Women and Drones 2023 Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards & Thought Leaders’ Summit at CES

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Posted on January 05

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HUVRdata sponsors Women and Drones 2023 Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards & Thought Leaders’ Summit at CES

Thought leader and HUVR advisor Kimberley Hayes to speak

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 5, 2023 – Today from the 2023 Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards & Thought Leaders’ Summit held in conjunction with the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), HUVRdata, the next generation Inspection Data Management Software (IDMS) Platform, is proud to announce both its sponsorship of the event and that Kimberley Hayes, founder, Valkim Technologies and HUVRdata advisor is speaking at the event.

Women and Drones (the organization behind the event) is “dedicated to driving excellence in the industry by advocating for female participation in this dynamic segment of the global economy.” HUVRdata, who sponsored the Women in Mechanical Integrity event last year at the API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit, is proud to continue to support women in STEM roles, and grateful for the continued advice from Kimberley Hayes.

Kimberley Hayes is speaking on January 7, a day themed “A Look to the Future.” Kimberley will share the stage with Kimberly Penn, chief strategist, Women and Drones and Liz Stalford, head of certification, Swoop Aero as they discuss emerging technologies.

Matthew Alberts, director of partnerships at HUVRdata said, “In an industry that moves as quickly as drone robotics, you need someone with both the background inspection knowledge and ability to adapt to change to help lead the way. Kimberley Hayes is a perfect blend of these qualities, and we are honored to have her as a HUVR advisor.”

Kimberley said, “HUVRdata plays a critical role in drone inspections, serving as the central point of data convergence. Without a common platform to ingest inspection data, format and collate it and send it to stakeholders,  inspectors end up wasting valuable time on clerical work.”


Kimberley Hayes has been heavily involved in the nondestructive testing industry for the past 25 years. She recently founded Valkim Technologies, which executes contract work for start-up robotic inspection companies and cultivates strategic initiatives supporting market research and new product development. Find out more about Kimberley here:

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