HUVR Partner Humble Brag: RealWear’s Intrinsically Safe Navigator Z1 – and HUVR – Open Doors to New Workflows

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Posted on August 29

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We have so many incredible partners in our ecosystem – The HUVR Partner Network – all vetted and integrated with our Reliability Automation Platform.  And when our partners do cool stuff it makes us proud.  Especially when the cool stuff features a new use case like this one:

[Hands-free] Equipment and Site Inspection Rounds.  Inspectors can traverse safely around a job site, take high quality photos and dictate notes using the field data collection component of an Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) such as hands-free solutions from RealWear and HUVR. From there, the captured data is instantly uploaded and geocoded for integrity verification, auditing and compliance purposes.  The solution saves time and money, while enhancing safety and enabling further automation, 3D digital twins and AI.  Read More>>

RealWear is a trailblazer in hands-free wearable tech for the industrial market, a trusted member of the HUVR Partner Network, and the foundational piece to HUVR’s handsfree inspection workflows announced earlier this year.

Today they announced the Navigator Z1, their first certified intrinsically safe solution designed for environments where traditional electronics are prohibited due to explosion risks or dangerous conditions. It empowers workers in oil and gas production, chemical facilities, mines, and more, by offering a hands-free, smart, and lightweight wearable solution for inspectors and technicians. This headset features over 20 major technical features, including the introduction of RealWear’s new AI Core, a lighter yet rugged design, improved screen visibility, a high-resolution front-facing camera, enhanced connectivity, a thermal camera module, and enterprise-level security.

We know that downtime in the energy industry is a costly concern, with unplanned outages costing organizations millions of dollars each year in real revenue and in negative PR from customers and constituents  – companies can’t afford to wait on essential inspections because an environment is high risk. The Navigator Z1 makes high-risk inspections less risky and much more efficient. No internet connectivity is necessary for integration with HUVR’s mobile field data collection app, InspectFlow+, which means hands-free troubleshooting and streamlined equipment and site inspection rounds are now available everywhere a human can go.

Learn more about the Navigator Z1 and how it partners with HUVR to deliver seamlessly integrated hands-free inspection solutions by reading the full launch announcement here.

Curious about our partnership? Learn more here or by booking time with one of our experts to understand more about how HUVR and RealWear partner together to make clunky, inaccessible inspections a thing of the past.

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