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Posted on June 02

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The Power of Partnership: HUVR’s Partner Network Transforms Inspection Data Collection

By Matt Alberts

At HUVR, we believe in the transformative power of partnerships. As such, we have been working steadily over the last several years to build and nurture our HUVR Partner Network (HPN).   

 When we initiated the HUVR Partner Network–and I was tapped to lead the recruitment of partners–-our goal was far greater than a marketing exercise. We aimed to build meaningful connections with complementary organizations and then collaborate to create synergy for our (often shared ) customers. It’s been exciting and gratifying to witness the growth and success of the HPN firsthand.

Out of the gate, our focus was on field data collection, addressing a critical need within our industry. While clients were eager to leverage the latest tools, devices and robots available, they often encountered challenges when it came to scaling the operations. Whereas inspection reports once contained a few measurements and pictures, now condition-monitoring locations can number in the hundreds and a robot can take still more hundreds of photos. 

The data they produced was simply too voluminous and varied in format to efficiently use at scale. Recognizing this gap, we sought out partners who shared our vision and were invested in making it easier for our collective customers to ingest, aggregate and normalize all of the visual and NDT data their tools produced.

The HPN’s Remarkable Growth

As of today, the HPN includes over 35 partners and it continues to grow–both in number of partners, but also in inspection and integrity solutions that strengthen the value of the HUVR platform. These partners bring diverse technology and experience to the table, ensuring that we can offer the most cutting edge and comprehensive solutions to our customers. Through our shared vision and commitment to excellence, we have been able to overcome obstacles, unlock new possibilities, and propel the industry forward.

A tangible example of an abstract concept

The video below shows how our partners fit into the overall inspection framework within HUVR. The platform is designed to sit at the intersection of raw data coming in and reports going out, ensuring that those reports are communicated to stakeholders and the data is easily recallable when necessary–and in the right file format. Since we are inspection tool agnostic, we partner with the very best OEMs and service providers to ensure customers experience a seamless integration and realize the full benefits of our partner’s technology.

We are grateful for the trust our partners have placed in us and the significant role they have played in our journey. Stay tuned for more updates from HUVR as we continue to expand our partner network and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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