Keeping HSE front and center through workflow efficiency and analytical insight with HUVR

Capturing HSE observations post-event can miss the mark  

Regardless of the business segment, workforce health and safety—plus protecting the environment—are paramount. It is common practice to perform scheduled HSE inspections to ensure the workplace and safety equipment therein are in good working order. However, capturing the unexpected unsafe condition or observation on-the-fly while performing other tasks without an automated process to notify HSE personnel may not be the most efficient means to reach resolution. Delayed response to acute safety conditions can have serious consequences for the plant, people, equipment and the environment. Managing HSE efficiently and keeping it top-of-mind requires easy reporting and data driven insights without which significant resources must be dedicated to complete tasks such as:
  • Capturing and collating hardcopy HSE report forms posted in numerous locations around the workplace (if a digital system is not employed)
  • Uploading, categorizing, and storing the reported HSE observations in the correct format to glean essential insight to ensure safe and efficient operating conditions
  • Communicating observations to the correct recipients to ensure the necessary corrective actions can be initiated with timely follow-up 
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance requirements are met with the proper documentation created and stored for easy recall on-demand 

Prompt communication of HSE observations is paramount

HUVR’s vendor- and data-agnostic platform consolidates information in a single, secure repository, enabling easy, on-demand access combined with categorized insights through advanced analytics dashboards. This fundamental principle applies not only to asset information from inspections, but also scheduled and on-the-fly HSE observation reporting. Any such observations can be seamlessly captured via the Anytime-Anywhere workflow functionality without interrupting the inspection itself. Access is immediate and communication automatic, ensuring that there is no delay in responding to the observation appropriately. HUVR enables and promotes HSE observation capture and reporting by seamlessly incorporating information into standard workplace activities, facilitating greater overall workforce efficiency and delivering improved HSE and regulatory compliance, as well as supporting ESG strategies.  
  • Digitally capture HSE observations via Anytime-Anywhere workflow functionality during a scheduled HSE inspection or seamlessly on-the-fly 
  • Classify and communicate HSE observations in a common language with our advanced analytics dashboard delivering clear insight to HSE essential KPIs.
  • Automatic and immediate communication and/or elevation of HSE observations to the right people to facilitate corrective actions.
  • Generate focused reports automatically for HSE specific KPI evaluation and regulatory reporting with easy access for future reference ensuring compliance