HUVR welcomes Apellix to their Partner Network Ecosystem

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Posted on March 08

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Drone-mounted ultrasonic testing and dry film thickness technology integrated with the HUVR platform.

Austin, TX-March 8, 2022- HUVRdata, Inc. (HUVR), creators of the first purpose-built inspection data management platform (IDMP), welcomes Apellix into the HUVR Partner Network (HPN). 

Apellix began developing ultrasonic testing (UT)-capable drones in 2014 and subsequently brought the industry’s leading UT and dry film thickness reading drones to market. In parallel, Apellix added imagery and gas sensors allowing their autonomous aircraft to fly safely in many hazardous locations. HUVR and Apellix will seamlessly integrate Apellix drone data into the HUVR IDMP, allowing users to easily generate findings and create reports and analytics from the sum of all their inspection data.

Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVR, stated, “I’ve been in the drone game awhile now, and seeing the capabilities of these Apellix drones further cements my belief that robotic technology will continue to disrupt how we approach inspections.”

“HUVR’s ability to digitize and import inspection workflows is a force multiplier to the data Apellix supplies,” said Apellix CEO, Bob Dahlstrom. “HUVR’s analytics turn data gathered from our industrial inspection robots into actionable information for knowledge-based, information-driven decision making.”

HUVR transforms how industrial equipment owners and inspection companies effectively manage and perform inspections , enabling immediate ROI and improved production KPIs. By partnering with HUVR—whose platform can merge data from any source—Apellix will be able to inject data into a customer’s HUVR system, allowing them to efficiently plan, manage, collect data and generate findings, as well as create reports and analytics from all inspections so that they stay compliant, maximize reliability and increase operational excellence. HUVR has played a critical role in enabling customers to quickly and simply scale drone inspection technology and will do the same for users of Apellix autonomous aircraft. 


About Apellix

Apellix is an aerial robotics company that develops autonomous aircraft with robotic arms and end effectors (hands) for use in industrial applications. We engineer safer industrial workplaces by programming drones to perform tasks in dangerous environments, with the worker safely out of harm’s way.

We are a team of driven problem-solvers who embrace the challenge of revolutionizing an industry. We assiduously design, build, and deliver innovations to keep humans safe and out of harm’s way. Along the way, we have a lot of fun tinkering with and building new technologies, as well as interacting with one another, our partners, and clients. Find more information at


About HUVRdata

HUVRdata is the first purpose-built Inspection Data Management Platform (IDMP). Created in the cloud, the mobile-connected HUVR Platform enables the aggregation, analysis and automation of visual and quantitative inspection data from any device, sensor, robot or field technician. The largest energy producers and the most specialized inspection service providers have realized immediate ROI using HUVR to plan inspections, manage work, ingest data, assess findings and generate analytical reports – from any workflow. Industrial asset owners finally have a simple and easy way to visualize infrastructure health, ensuring compliance, reliability and operational excellence. For more information visit

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