HUVRdata Launches Findings Management, a Module for Improved Asset Integrity

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Posted on March 01

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HUVRdata Launches Findings Management, a Module  for Improved Asset Integrity

Identify, categorize, prioritize and rectify anomalies easily and efficiently within the HUVR platform

Orlando, Florida – March 1 – Today from the ACP Operations, Maintenance and Safety Conference, HUVRdata, the next generation Inspection Data Management Software (IDMS) Platform, is pleased to announce the launch of Findings Management, an anomaly management module that helps optimize asset integrity efforts and increase operational excellence. 

Equipment failures causing unplanned downtime have been estimated to cost energy companies more than $42 million a year and up to $88 million a year in the worst case scenarios. The US Department of Energy says of a reported 1,700 shutdowns almost 800 were due to unplanned mechanical breakdown. It has been estimated that the global cost of asset integrity management is more than $100 billion per year. In addition to the direct costs of asset failures, there may also be indirect costs associated with the impact of the failures to safety and on the environment due to cleanup and remediation efforts, as well as potential fines and legal liabilities. The best plan for detecting and addressing potential failures is an anomaly management module like Findings Management.

Findings Management is a module that works within the HUVR platform. When an inspection is performed on an asset, data is generated from any NDT tool, robotic tech or mobile device. The inspector then identifies and categorizes the anomalies and then turns in the report, all within HUVR. In the past, this often meant engineers then had to manually move the data from the report to a spreadsheet  to manage the information. Now, Findings Management allows teams to review the data within the HUVR platform, removing the need for tedious data entry or copying and pasting–while removing the chance for human error or data corruption in the process.

Katelyn Reynolds, an operations engineering manager at Invenergy, said, “Findings Management is a significant addition to the HUVR platform. The new module streamlines the data management process for our engineers who can now better collect data and report quality analysis at a more efficient pace.”

While still in the HUVR platform, asset managers can create new projects, assign crews and begin workflows, touching off complex processes automatically. Furthermore, teams can sort known anomalies involving the same asset to see if crews take care of everything at once.

“Findings Management shows the simplicity of having everything in one place,” said Oliver Huang, Senior Product Manager,  HUVRdata. “HUVR’s ability to automate, aggregate and analyze data means teams can prioritize, plan and schedule quickly and efficiently without leaving the platform.”

Ultimately, beyond the efficiency increase of removing manual data transfers, Findings Management assists in identifying and addressing anomalies before they lead to significant disruptions or failures. By allowing asset managers to easily sort findings, it also positively impacts scheduling and budgeting. All of this leads to greater reliability, cost savings and operational efficiency.

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HUVRdata is the first purpose-built Inspection Data Management Software Platform. Created in the cloud, the mobile-connected HUVR Platform enables the aggregation, analysis, and automation of visual and quantitative inspection data from any device, sensor, robot, or field technician. The largest energy producers and the most specialized inspection service providers have realized immediate ROI using HUVR to plan inspections, manage work, ingest data, assess findings and generate analytical reports – from any workflow. Industrial asset owners finally have a simple and easy way to visualize infrastructure health, ensuring compliance, reliability, and operational excellence. For more information, visit

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