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Now more than ever, we need to leverage technology to maximize asset efficiency.



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Work Smarter

Simplify your data entry

Standardize your data

Automate reporting and analytics

Lower Costs

Single data repository

Efficient inspection workflows

Own your asset data

Be Agile

Configure your workflows

Visualize trends

Manage your fleet, site and assets

Our Products

HUVR ImageFlow

ImageFlow is HUVRData’s Image processing tool. This tool allows field technicians and inspectors to quickly process large volumes of inspection images, tag and annotate the damage areas.

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HUVR InspectFlow

InspectFlow is HUVRData’s Digital Checklist Platform. InspectFlow is available for smart phones, tablets, and windows machines. HUVRs Checklist Platform allows you to digitize any inspection checklist. This tool allows field technicians and inspectors to enter their checklist data in the field and to provide ‘ONE BUTTON’ sync of their data into the asset database.

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Anytime, Anywhere Forms

Anytime / Anywhere Forms is an additional tool that enables field inspectors to document and report issues on the spot. The data from these forms is automatically tabulated in an analytics view for management.

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Data Systems

The Data System is where inspection projects are created and assigned. Through its simple to use interface, HUVR clients manage their data structure, assets, manage users and crews, define asset types and report types.

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Customized reports can be created that allow you to format the report that is meaningful to you. HUVRs customization tools allow us to provide you any report, in any format.

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HUVR provides analytics that enable you to quickly get to trends, actionable data and summary dashboards with one click. Our HUVR Analytics Engine allows you to customize what is important to you and to display the information in a simple and useful way.

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Optimize your asset inspection workflows

Fully Integrated Inspection Tools

New digital Inspection tools create massive new data types. How do you analyze, label and store all these pieces of data?

Implement Mobile Workflows

Implementing mobile digital checklists that also integrate with new data types.

Standardize your data across subcontractors

Implementing inspection workflows that fully include subcontractors while protecting your data assets.

Integrate IoT Devices

Integrating IoT data and new flows to current processes and operations.

Reports + Analytics Dynamically Delivered

Deliver insights via actionable reports and analytics which integrate into your existing databases.

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Check out our latest articles, videos, case studies and more. We cover important topics within the industry, simplifying big ideas into easy-to-understand content, boiled down to address the big questions enterprises have around drones, workflows and analytics.

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