Shipping is the life blood of the global economy. The international shipping industry accounts for around 90% of world trade.
There are over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every kind of cargo. These ships are sophisticated, high value assets. The larger vessels can cost over US $200 million to build. The operation of merchant ships generates over half a trillion US Dollars annually
Ships, as is the case with other assets, do not generate income when they are offline. Optimizing maintenance activities is one of the key strategies to maximize asset productivity.
The HUVR solution offers ship owner and operators an ideal inspection data platform. The HUVR solution provides a critical data aggregation function, allowing for quicker decision making. HUVR inspection tools reduce time and errors in the inspection process. HUVR allows operators to manage maintenance to maximize the ships productive life at sea.

Benefits of using Asset Management

HUVR asset management solution was designed to allow full integration of automated drone and undersea rover technology to allow full hull inspections. HUVR’s digital checklist tool allows for full maintenance inspections to be carried out while underway at sea. HUVR’s cloud based system allows shipowners to receive live and up to date asset health reports, then schedule any maintenance activity the next time the ship docks.

Use Case

Drone-based Digital Inspections

HUVR’s solution allows shipowners to ingest images taken from drones (air and underwater) and to tag those defects to the standards of the shipowner. This allows uniform categorization and prioritization of defects by any drone or drone service provider.

Mobile Digital Checklists

HUVR’s digital checklist solution allows shipowners to digitize any checklist for any system or inspection operation. Crew members can then have access to the right checklist and perform and update the ships database in a real-time basis. Depending on the checklist, work orders can be generated by the shipowner to perform routing underway or at dock ship maintenance as warranted.

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