Bearing Inspection

Effectively manage main bearing inspections and maintenance with HUVR

How do you keep all wind turbine inspection data in one place?

While not as dramatic as blades, main bearings are equally important to generating power on a wind farm, and require critical regular inspections to keep wind turbine groups producing efficiently. Effective inspections require integration of borescope images with the required main bearing inspection checklist performed up the tower. It is also critical that you implement your standards for main bearing defects so that you can execute your preferred maintenance strategies. Specifically, implementing effective main bearing inspections requires a system that can complete tasks such as:
  • Standardizing the method you design and implement for all blade inspections across your fleet
  • Capturing and collating data from multiple sources, including inspection tools and checklists
  • Taking data from inspections and using it to both understand the health of your main bearings and generate a timely report in the correct format
  • Prioritizing all defects by site so that you can repair worst case conditions within budget and within the repair season
  • Storing all records for compliance and asset health tracking in an organized hierarchy

Unify and standardize your main bearing inspection workflows

HUVR’s asset management solution puts you in control of your main bearing inspection strategies; you can either perform the inspection yourself through your own crews or receive information input by a subcontractor.  All your data resides on a single, secure platform, which allows you to manage your main bearing, gearbox, blade and other inspection data, like balance of plant (BOP) and end of warranty inspections within one system.
  • Implement and roll out your custom workflow digitally through the HUVR system in days
  • Assign internal crews and/or external subcontractors to specific workflows
  • Integrate and collate any data, from any source and in any format with HUVR’s powerful digital checklist platform
  • Generate reports automatically for both QA/QC analysis and regulatory reporting.
  • Evaluate and communicate asset health at a glance, on demand, with our advanced analytics dashboard
  • Prioritize your identified main bearing, gearbox and blade damage along with other key component inspection findings so that you can prioritize which WTG you will LOTO for repair during the maintenance season.
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Typical Inspection Tools

  • Drones
  • Borescope
  • Thermal Cameras

Typical Inspections Workflows

  • External Blade Inspections
  • Internal Blade Inspections
  • Gearbox Inspections
  • Main Bearing Inspections
  • Balance of Plant Inspections
  • End of Warranty Inspections
  • HSE Inspections