Renewables // Wind

Maximize Production

All blade, gearbox, BOP, storage and EOW inspection data in one place. Prioritize repairs and manage assets—and OEMs.

Wind Applications


Keeping HSE front and center through workflow efficiency and analytical insight with HUVR IDMS software

Subsea ROV

Reduce time and cost by hosting ROV video files on HUVR’s vendor-agnostic platform to allow immediate streaming access

Transmission Line

Effective implementation of T&D inspection data management software into one system for quality repair and maintenance

Balance of Plant

Effectively implement and manage balance of plant (BOP) inspections and maintenance with HUVR

HUVR LEAD: Leading Edge Erosion Analytics and Diagnostics

Leading edge erosion Energy loss from leading edge erosion (LEE) has become increasingly important as wind turbines operate at higher and higher tip speeds. Initial...

End of Warranty

Hold your OEM accountable for the maintenance you paid for

Bearing Inspection

HUVR’s inspection data management system puts you in control of your bearing inspection management strategies

GearBox Inspection

All your data resides on a single, secure platform, unifying inspection workflows

Blade Inspection

Unify and standardize your blade inspection workflow management


Consolidate and standardize all your ESS inspection workflows with HUVR’s inspection data management system

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